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How Does CNC Wire Cut Machine Adjust Wire-cutting Wire?

1. The method of adjusting the wire-cutting wire of the CNC wire cut machine

The CNC wire cut machine will bring tools for molybdenum wire correction when it is purchased, including bell-shaped, cylindrical, right-angled, tetrahedral, and special-purpose instruments for conductive contact meter display. As long as there is sufficient precision and proper use, satisfactory results can be obtained. No matter which calibration tool it is, it seems simple but it is troublesome to make. You must check the calibration tool you get. It is feasible to use benchmark comparison, light transmission inspection, practical transposition measurement, etc. Of course, the self-test is convenient for the tetrahedron. As long as the element is placed on the bed surface of the machine tool and the X and Y coordinates are used to measure the adjacent three surfaces, the error value will be clear at a glance.

When the CNC wire cut machine is to correct the molybdenum wire, in addition to the special instrument displayed by the electric meter, it is mostly corrected by the CNC EDM machine, which is also an intuitive and credible method. However, it should be noted that the upper surface of the tool should be measured first with a watch, and it is indeed parallel to the X and Y planes before use. Do not use it hastily on the horn or wire-cutting wire bed, which is often not reliable enough. Spark correction is carried out in the state of no water and small current. Generally only one power amplifier tube is turned on. Otherwise, the correction tool will be damaged and corroded quickly. Compared with non-sparking conductive contact, spark correction will be more accurate. If the spark is uniform on the observation surface of not less than 50mm, the accuracy is usually within 0.01. When you are skilled and have several experience, the calibration result will be credible and reliable, and it is certain to reach the verticality range that is compatible with the overall precision of the CNC wire cut machine.

2. Selection criteria for wire cutting of CNC wire cut machine

Every product has certain standards when it is applied, and wire cutting is no exception. So what are the main standards for wire cutting?

There are two main aspects of the standard of wire cutting of CNC wire cut machine. On the one hand, the wire cutting adopts a digital intelligent high-frequency database, which is its standard configuration. With such a high-frequency database, the processing parameters of the factory can be arbitrarily selected. On the other hand, wire cutting also needs to have good constant tension. The standard of automatic cutting software is to have good constant tension for wire cutting, which can ensure that the line is adjusted in time when it gradually becomes thinner to greatly reduce the probability and frequency of wire breakage.

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