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DK77120 CNC EDM Wire Cutting Machine With X×Y=1200×1600mm

Features of High-speed HF Power

1. No resistors used, low power consumption, save power 70%, saving using cost and environment friendly. Single-phase power supply, no need limit of lack of 3 phases power supply, less than 1Kw power consumption.

2. No resistors used, less heat inside of the controller, low malfunction ratio of electric components inside of cabinet of wire cut EDM.

3. Max. cutting current up to 15A, Max. speed up to around 350mm2/min(note: without thinking about surface finish).Regular stable continuous cutting current 6~8A, with cutting speed around 170mm2/min(up to the different requirement of surface finish).

4. With regular cutting speed, wear of molybdenum wire is about 0.01mm after 500,000mm2 cutting, i.e. after installation of new wire of Φ0.18mm, the diameter will be Φ17mm after the job of cutting 500,000mm2.

5. PC/104 motherboard special for industrial purpose, highly integrated and stable for industrial environment.

6. Interior double-impulse and multiple-circuit design, electrolytic protection during cutting.

7.Better surface finish, with high-speed sampling and high-speed logical circuit, the power of discharging is precisely controlled to improve the cut surface finish.

8. No limitation of cutting height, from 1mm to 1500mm, the working solution will not get too dirty when the workpiece is too high, to cause no discharging when cutting the high workpiece.

9. Blue spark, interior high-speed signal filtering function, isolate and adjust to avoid electric arcing during cutting.

10.  Protection of wire burning, high-speed cutting protection.

DK77120  CNC EDM Wire Cutting Machine Specifications



X×Y travel


Max cut thickness


Working table dimension


Max cut angle/thickness


Max load of the working table


Surface finish

Ra≤2.4μm(one cut)

Max cutting speed


Cut accuracy

≤0.015mm, straight cutting

The diameter of the electrode wire


Weight of machine


Dimension of machine


Max cutting current


Power supply


Rated power


Working tank

Capacity of tank



Changeable filter(0.005mm)

Dimension of tank


Weight of tank


Outline Drawing

DK77120  CNC EDM Wire Cutting Machine With X×Y=1200×1600mm Layout
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